Sunday, September 5, 2010

Search for Intelligence

While most people spend tens of thousands of dollars and endless hours of their time in pursuit of degrees in higher education, I decided to take a more simple approach to gaining knowledge.

The other day while at Whole Foods searching for a drink to compliment my dinner selection, I stumbled across a beverage called Brain Toniq. Intrigued by its clever name and simplistic label, I grabbed a can and began reading about the contents of this peculiar drink. I discovered that Brain Toniq is a clean and intelligent think drink. It contains no caffeine, no processed sugar and no fake anything. And for all my Jewish friends it’s also kosher-certified. I thought “What the heck, I’ll try it.” After all $1.49 seems like a small investment in my education compared to the people I know who spent a lot more than that and don’t appear to be any more intelligent for all their effort.

While waiting for my friends to check out, I grabbed us a table next to three young high school students. They had their textbooks out and appeared to have just finished studying. I asked them if they felt like they were learning anything and they shrugged their shoulders, giggled a little and finally one of them said, “I guess.”

“School is fun, but I have a new way of learning,” I told them as I held up my can of Brain Toniq for them to see. “I’m going to drink this and it’s gonna make me smarter,” I said rather enthusiastically. They looked at me a little dumbfounded and then to each other, not really sure how to respond. At that point, I said, “Well it was nice chatting with you. Good luck with school,” then I proceeded to get napkins and utensils for our table.

Soon after, my friends arrived and we began to eat. I was definitely more excited about my drink than my dinner. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that I had the urge to sprinkle the can over my head rather than imbibe it. But, I chose to drink it instead.

The first thing I noticed was that Brain Toniq tastes really good. The taste actually caught me by surprise because things that are supposed to be good for you don’t usually taste good. And I really, really enjoyed the sweet, citrus taste of it.

The second thing I noticed was…well, nothing. I didn’t feel any different. Was that just my brain playing tricks on me? Maybe I should have taken a before and after test to see if my IQ changed. With higher education you have lectures, homework, exams etc. as sort of measuring sticks to gauge your learning experience. With Brain Toniq, well, you just drink it.

I guess only time will tell if the drink had any affect on me.


Eileen said...

After reading this blog, I have to say that Brain Toniq certainly worked for you. You not only think more intelligently now but it is evident that you are now writing more intelligently, too. I hope, for my sake, that you don't require more intelligent friends now.

Kimmie said...

Well sweet Diana it seems that it may have made you more sassy ;-)
I only wish you would have bought two cans and shared your new found brain-in-a-can with me, as I could really use a boost these days.

I just ran over to Whole Foods in Glastonbury with Simenesh (a Friday night date) we are going totally dairy free (well, she is and I need to learn how to bake/cook this way) she is dairy allergic, sigh. I only wish I had found the brain would have really been a huge help. Well, as we will need to go back again...maybe next time.

Miss you. Bible study with Sherry starts tomorrow...we are studying Hosea this time.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted